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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The People Rooting for Us

We are EXTREMELY lucky in the sense that our family and friends are all very supportive of our decision to adopt. Sure we have had the odd question or remark here or there, but overall everybody is happy for us and looking forward to the day that we receive "The Call". It really breaks my heart to know of people who's families and/or friends do not support their decision.

So while we are waiting for our little bundle of joy to enter our world, so too are all the people supporting us. The "excitement" has calmed down a little bit, so they'll ask once in a while whether we received any news yet (of course we have not), but in their own way they are anticipating and planning for the big day. My mother gets full marks for preparation. Sadly we live in Cape Town and my mom in Mpumalanga, so we do not get to see each other that often. While we were still busy with the paperwork I kept her updated and by the time that I went to visit we were at the "waiting" stage. She told me that she had been crocheting with some of the yarn that's been "laying around the house". When she showed her handy-work to me I had to stifle a hysterical giggle. She had made a mountain of baby clothes!! Sets with little sweaters, hats and socks, booties, ponchos, blankets and even some christening gowns! It was awesome! When packing for my flight back I had such a hard time to leave it behind - but I did get in a couple of pieces, seeing that I have a lot (it seems like the whole world's worth) of friends that is pregnant and having babies at the moment and it made wonderful gifts.

One of my mom's beautiful creations

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  1. How very special! It makes the adoption journey so much easier when ones families and friends are supportive!