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Friday, 10 August 2012

Kalahari bushmen and the end of the world

So I'm all new to this whole blogging experience, but am proud of all the things I figured out over the past week. It took my mind off a couple of other things and at the same time it gave me some reflection on our adoption journey. As we have reached the waiting stage, that is practically all I am doing. Waiting... The fact that I'm sort of a procrastinator and during this cold winter months a big hibernator does not improve the situation at all :-)
Then tonight while contemplating about the topic for my next post I turned to my very supportive hubby to get his insight and maybe some good ideas.

This is me: "I'm thinking about a new topic for the next post on my blog, what do you think I should write about?"
His answer (keep in mind that he does know about the blog and what it is about and I even let him proofread before I post): "Maybe you should write about the Mayan calender and the end of the world, but put a SA spin on it and tell everybody that you found a calender of your own, which the bushmen left in the Kalahari and that the world will end in 2013" (BIG smile)

Needless to say, an appropriate response still escapes me! Please feel free to share some of your partner's better moments.

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