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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Done & Dusted!

I've just e-mailed our updated profile to the printers - happiness!!! 

I am relieved that it is done, although I've enjoyed putting it together, it was also torture. I'm a typical Libra and it takes me hours to decide whether the background looks better this way or that, whether the border must be black or grey (or maybe red).., whether the photo looks better if it's smaller or bigger or must I maybe use another photo altogether...
There is way too many options when doing a photobook, at least with the scrapbook I had to use whatever I had at the time.
But I'm happy and will not let myself over-think or question it any more. What is done is done. 

The only really bad part is that I'm sending it off to the Agency directly from the printers. I'm leaving Cape Town next Friday and as it takes 2 weeks for printing, I do not want to waste time for the book to be send to me first..

Thank you all for the encouragement and lets hold thumbs that this book will work some magic!

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