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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Different Paths, Same Destination

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I love the following post from an adoptive mother setting out some differences between being pregnant and adopting a child - although I saw the similarities in the journeys as well. Amazing how much preparation, thought, worries and excitement goes into receiving a little bundle of joy, whichever way.

"The Great Divide Posted on 
  • You’re pregnant…I’m paper pregnant (aka: have a completed home study)
  • You’re reading pregnancy books and parenting books…I’m reading adoption blogs and birth mother profiles
  • You’re decorating a nursery…I’m decorating an adoption scrapbook for birth mothers to review
  • You’re scared of stretch marks and how you are going to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight…I’m scared of the potential health consequences of not ever being pregnant (increased cancer risk, etc.)
  • You’re worried if breastfeeding will hurt…I’m worried how baby and wallet friendly bottle feeding will be
  • You’re researching baby products to find out their safety ratings…I’m researching the effects of drugs and alcohol in case I’m presented with a case where one or both were used during the pregnancy
  • You’re wondering who the baby will look more like…I’m wondering how the world around me will react if my baby is of another race than me
  • You’re stressed about your portion of the hospital bill for the birth…I’m stressed about the mountains and mountains of legal fees I’m going to have to pay
  • You’re counting down the days until your due date…I’m counting the days that have passed since I completed my home study with no adoption placement in sight
  • You’re enjoying baby showers and the attention that comes with being pregnant…I’m *trying* to enjoy the quietness that stills exists in my life for now (and will continue for an undisclosed period of time)
  • You’re not sleeping thanks to the baby’s moments…I’m not sleeping thanks to not having a baby and wondering when it will happen
  • You’re nesting…I’m dying to nest
  • You’re excited and nervous for what the future will hold for your baby…I’m excited and nervous for what the future will hold for my baby
  • You’re becoming a mom through biology…I’m becoming a mom through love"


  1. I think we all become mothers through love. Not just biology.

    1. Thank you for adding - you are absolutely right :)