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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Blanket and Booties

I received a package from my mother this week. That is soooo one of my favourite things, receiving a parcel in the post, wrapped up and filled with goodies from a loved one. Years ago my grandma crochet baby blankets for all her granddaughters. Me, being the youngest of all the grandchildren, had to wait until last to get my blanket - I was about 20 at the time and did not really see the need for having a baby blanket, but thought I would keep it for someday... But as life would have it, just after she finished my blanket, one of my cousins fell pregnant and my blanket went to her. Unfortunately my grandma did not get around to making me a new blanket and passed away, leaving me blanket-less.

Luckily my mother inherited the skill of crochet (although this is where that skill ended in our bloodline, I tried, but to no avail, dumb fingers!). So I lovingly bullied her into making me a blanket, as I cannot imagine bringing our baby home not wrapped up warm in a special home-made blanket.

I was therefor very excited about the parcel and after struggling for about 20 minutes to open it up - not only is my mother very crafty, but she sure knows how to wrap something - digging through all off the seeds they send my hubby for his garden, I finally had the blanket in my hands. It was still in a plastic bag and as I pulled it out, thrilled and eager to see how it turned out, little pieces of colour flew all over the room. At first I though I broke it in pieces, but upon nearer inspection, I saw that it was baby booties - 7 pairs in all the colours of the rainbow. My mom said she had some yarn to work away...

Needless to say, I am happy that our child will be brought home in his/her own very special multi-coloured blanket, made with lost of love from grandma and thoughts about great-grandma. My mother and I agree that my grandma is surely having a nice giggle about the fact that she left my mother with the duty to make me a blanket.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get your blanket from your grandma, but that is really special that your mom made you a baby blanket and booties! My mom is also working on a knitted yellow baby blanket for me :)

  2. Wow that's so special. I also had a baby blanket in the cupboard as a child and now I must admit I didn't use it as as much as others that were easier to wash! I wish she was still alive to make baby jackets she was so good at that.