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Monday, 2 September 2013

A Compactum for our Shadow Child

While we are waiting we have acquired a couple of baby goods but nothing serious. I think the one thing that will drive me completely over the edge is having a nicely done up nursery with no baby. I am a professional procrastinator, so think that those last 2 weeks will be more than enough time to prepare for the delivery of our little one.
This said, in the back of my head I'm always preparing for when we have a baby. Certain things gets bought (or not), holidays taken (or not) and planning done (or not), always with our little shadow child in mind.

So this weekend there was an auction in our neighboring town and we were on a mission to go and buy a freezer. Living in the country we now have the opportunity to buy produce in bulk and our garden is coming along nicely, so the freezer is needed to store all of these - and of coarse it would be very helpful when we prepare baby food to freeze...

I love auctions and I also like buying second hand stuff. Of course I like new things, but the problem is when I buy something new I end up feeling very sorry for it and then do not really USE it. Just this afternoon I was looking at my phone. It is protected buy a big pouch which makes it a bit inconvenient as I have to open it up the whole time and it also still have the plastic protective film on the glass. It still looks very nice, but I was thinking, for what? It's almost time to upgrade and then I'll hand the phone down or sell it or something. So the next person will have a nice (new) phone, whereas I did not really USE it... So I like buying used stuff that I do not feel sorry for and get to fully enjoy and use.

Back at the auction we were going though the motions. We looked around and we set our targets on the freezers. While browsing my eye caught the compactum but I decided to stay with the program and focus on the freezers. In the back of my head I was thinking that I would surely like to have a compactum, always have, but did not really see us paying a LOT of money for a new one and not really less for a used one.
So then the auctioneer got to the compactum and did his thing. Nobody lifted their hands. The auctioneer then cut the price and remarked that you do not really need a baby in order to buy it.. Riaan caught my eyes, which by that time were welling up like our Cape dams at the moment, ready to spill. In return he had big question-marks in his eyes and I nodded my head. His hand flew up and he bought our baby his/her very own compactum for a whole R100-00!! It is very sturdy, made from real wood and with a fresh coat of paint and some decoration it is going to look beautiful!

Needles to say, we went home with a bakkie-load full of things (including a freezer). The compactum is now standing smack-bam in the middle of our living room. I still have to re-arrange the spare-room to fit it in. But I'm happy. Don't know if I'm more happy for having it, or that me and my hubby both had the need to make our first real purchase for this little child of ours.


  1. Mmm, its nice. I would also go crazy having a nursery and no baby but this was a bargain, right?! By the way we hardly used ours, it is more to put stuff in. The baby bath I only used once - the second week after he was born. The normal bath was much easier, I just laid him on his back. Then later he flipped over on his front, then now he is sitting.

    1. Big bargain! Yes, we'll probably not use the bath as we have to carry water around, but is it very nice to put all the stuff away and use as a changing table. Your boy is growing up fast now!

  2. I have to be honest, I had never heard of a compactum til right now! I buy things for our future baby...on days when I feel I can handle it. It then gets tucked away, and I look at them on days when I feel the need. We haven't bought anything big yet, though. Mostly just little clothes I can't resist. I feel I need to buy things on occasion to make it feel more "real".

    1. Now you know! :-) I always drool over the little clothes, but not knowing whether it will be a boy or girl makes it hard to buy.

  3. For only a R100??!! What a bargain!! Congrats!!

    I share your sentiments with regards to big and expensive baby stuff. We bought a workbench that had all the right dimensions to act as a change station and was a fifth of the price of an original compactum. Add a few baskets for the baby toiletries and you have a great place for your baby.

    P.S. Thank you for mentioning us in your previous post :)