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Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Flicker of Hope?

Sjoe, being busy is hard work! Trying to catch up on leftover work from my leave in December, having to cope with another month-end so soon (what happened to January??), commuting between - and looking after two houses and missing my husband and fur-babies have all but drained me. Luckily I have not given myself over to drinking yet.. just wondering exactly WHO's empty red wine glass is standing here on the table next to me?? ... Anyway. On top of that I'v nominated myself as the new online marketer for The Napier Country Hotel and are feverishly looking for a job in the country so that I can run away from the City and live in bliss with my hubby, waiting for our "kaalvoetkind" to arrive.

When we first started considering adoption I send out dozens of e-mails in order to get some information on how to go about the process. Read more about that here. One of the mails was to a Counseling Center for pregnant woman which does adoptions as well. They were one of the few that responded but said that their applications were closed at the time as they do not have any babies available that matches our requirements. So I filed their mail and forgot about it.

Yesterday I've received a mail from said Center, asking whether we are still interested in Adoption as they are opening their applications in order to qualify some applicants. I did send them our details but seeing that we are already working through ProCare, I am not sure of how this will affect our application with them, should they consider us. If you have any experiences or suggestions about working through 2 agencies at the same time, please let me know.

I am a believer that everything is connected and that sometimes we get signs to show us the way, although most of the time we fail to see them for what they are or just simply ignore them. Turns out that the Counseling Center falls under and is run by the same body as the retirement village for which Riaan will soon be working. This journey has taught me to be hopeful, but not to get my hopes up, but a small part of me wonders whether this might be a little light in the dark?

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  1. We were working through two agencies so I can't see why it would be a problem. I really hope it is a glimmer of hope. We never know how our angels will come to us but we have to follow every piece of string. xxx